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Market Overview : India Overview

Capital : New Delhi
Area : 3.3 million sq km
Population: 1.1 billion & Growing!
GDP Growth: around 9%
Major Contributors – Services (54%), Manufacturing (28%), Agriculture (18%)
Major airports:

Delhi- Central India
Mumbai- Western India
Kolkata – Eastern India
Ahmedabad- Northern India
Chennai- Southern India
Bangalore-Southern India
Hyderabad – Southern India

Major ocean ports: NhavaSheva (Mumbai)
-Western, Northern India
Mundra - Western,
Northern India
Chennai -Southern India
Haldia (Kolkatta)
Eastern India

Inland Connection: 2nd largest road network in the world (behind the US) with 3.01 million km of roads
National Highways only account for 2% (while they carry 40% of Freight by road)
Larger ICD’s connected to Ports by adequate rail infrastructure support .

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