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Pragati Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a group company, provides a wide range of professional services to meet your organization’s business requirements.

Sourcing & Disposing
  • Identifying and acquiring appropriate properties in high growth markets and markets tied to global trade
  • Leveraging market knowledge and relationships for government led Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects including sale and leaseback opportunities
  • Ensuring proper legal titles, entitlements and permits
  • Procuring necessary licenses and permits to construct
  • Building generic and customized grade A facilities in a timely manner
  • Following appropriate tendering practices and procedures for optimum costs and corporate governance
  • Ensuring sustainable designs and applications
Marketing & Leasing
  • Conducting market research to identify and target reputable customers
  • Marketing services and leasing space to targeted customers
  • Providing appropriate property management and asset management services
  • Offering a wide base of estate and facility management services as per global standards
Financial Services Support
  • Development and selection of appropriate financing tools (equity/debt)
  • Ensuring securitizable lease terms

Products and Solutions

Pragati Real Estate team brings local and international market experience, with a proven track record and commitment to developing and operating industrial real estate assets across India.

We offer customized as well as generic facilities on lease to facilitate smoother logistics and warehousing operations

Industrial Property Solutions
  • Estate management: Pragati Real Estate’s property management team provides 24/7 estate management services that include but are not limited to, security, landscaping, common area maintenance and upkeep, and uninterrupted provision of utilities.
  • Facility management: A technically qualified facility management team ensures maintenance of electromechanical systems, roofs and physical structures, and parking areas.
  • Customer & Contract management: Our professional and responsive customer service team addresses your queries in the timeliest manner.
Association           ISO 9001:2000 COMPANY
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